How to Set Up a Pa

Before I account for how to setup a P.A. Let me first say that before you buy a P.A. Make sure that it is the one you want and when you do buy it make sure that it comes with all the manuals, instructions and warranty. an additional one thing to note is that if you are buying a second hand P.A. Check it out and make sure it works fine, if you are not the someone that can for real tell if a P.A. Is working fine take someone with you that does. You don’t want a P.A. That is dodgy and does not work. Anyway lets get started!

  1. The first thing you want to do is setup your speakers. Place the speakers as far apart a inherent within reason at a minimum length of 4 meters and at a height of about 5 to 6 feet to the audience.
  2. Place the mixer and power amp/power mixer somewhere where it can be reachable by one of the performers. You want to have this close to someone since you may need to convert the levels at times while performances.
  3. Next associate the speakers to the power amp/power mixer with the speaker cable. If your speaker cables are jacks or cannons they will plug right into the speaker and the power amp/power mixer. However if the connectors are speakon connectors than you with have to plug the cable in and than twist it to lock it in.
  4. Next you will want to plug in all your input devices, for most citizen studying how to setup a P.A. You will just be plugging in microphones and Cd players or audio devices. So associate the microphones with microphone cannon leads and associate Cd and audio devices with phono leads (maybe phono to phono or phono to jack). If you are connecting instruments, sequencers or ensue units use jack leads.
  5. If you are using a power mixer you will not have to do this step. Next associate your mixer to the power amp. The outputs from the mixer will commonly be on the back or on the top on the right. Take two jack leads and associate the left out on the mixer to the left input on the power amp and the right output the right input.
  6. Connect the power cords to a power outlet. Note: Do Not Switch On Yet. Before switching on check that all volume knobs and sliders are down on the mixer and the power amp/power mixer and that all power switches on the equipment if off too.
  7. Switch the power on at the wall than switch your gear on. If you are running a power amp and mixer switch the mixer on first and than the power amp, when you switch it off do the opposite – power amp off and than mixer off.
  8. Now You Are Ready To Go
  9. When it comes to switching off switch off the gear first and than switch off at the wall. Make sure that you do not remove, convert or unplug any leads or cables while the gear and the wall power is switched on.

Anyway there is a quick and simple guide that can get you up and running with a simple P.A. If you are using a large or complex P.A. Than supplementary things will be required and you should seek professional help from a music store on how to setup and use your P.A.

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How to Set Up a Pa

How to Set Up a Pa


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